Offered Massage Modalities
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Sweedish or Theraputic Massage:


Well known for it's firm, long, strokes that provide relaxation by means of neurological stimulation at the skin level, increase of blood and lymph circulation at the superficial level and capillary beds. The result is a complete reset of the nervous system, activation of the parasympathetic system and radiant skin. In addition Immune system gets a nice boost. Lymphatic system is a big part of the Immune system. Massage strokes stimulate the lymph flow that results in increased performance. As a result metabolism rate goes up.

These wonderful effects increase exponentially with regular treatments. If relaxation or general well being is what you desire then this modality is for you!


$80 per hour /Membership $65 per hour



Deep Tissue Massage

As the name implies it is a step up from the Swedish Massage.

Deep tissue massage is more specific and targets muscle and tendons with more pressure and variety of technique to restore functionality.

The resulting effect combines all the benefits of Swedish and a release of tension of deeper musculature, fascia and increase in range of motion and freedom of movement. Fluid circulation is amplyfied on the deeper level. This modality is excellent for athletes, active people or anyone who is subject to strenuous activity that might result in stiffness, aches and pains. This modality does wonders for anyone recovering from an injury or surgery.

If you are experiencing fatigue, headaches, general aches and pains in back, neck or joints this is for  you!


$90 per hour /Membership $75 per hour



Sports Massage:

An invigorating treatment combining techniques from Swedish and Deep tissue, performed at a fast pace to stimulate the body and amplify body's own restorative abilities.

It has been shown that sports massage can keep an athlete in peak condition when they are not able to train due to injury and or surgery.

Regular treatments are employed in the athletic world to speed up athletes recovery and increase performance.

If you would like to increase your performance or get an extra boost prior to an event this modality is for you!


$110 per hour


Myofascial Release:

This is the quickest way to feel better fast!

Myofascial release targets areas of fascia restrictions. Fascia is a connective tissue that covers every cell in our body. You can imagine, when it tightens, everything feels tight and restricted. Fascia can tighten from prolonged or extreme physical tension, after injury or surgery and after significant emotional stress.

Myofascial release can reduce or eliminate pain, free up bound joints, assist in postural correction and muscular tension release. Highly recommended!


$110 per hour or $20 as an add on to the Deep tissue or Sports massage.


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Additional Services

Hot Stone Therapy: 


Enhanced relaxation with all the benefits of the massage!

Relaxation is amplefied through the use of hot basalt stones to perform the strokes

The use of heated basalt rocks intensifies the physical experiences of a typical massage.   Relaxation is experienced at its deepest dimensions.   Rocks are strategically placed along the body, and are also used to perform the massage.

$120 per 80 min



Ancient foot treatment incorporates stretching, mobility enhancement and deep work on areas that elicit  therapeutic effect in related areas of the body. According to the acupuncture teachings our palms, soles of our feet and ears represent the hole body. Threw needling or massage therapist can regulate function of the specific area in the body or an organ.

This is an excellent addition to any treatment!


$15 as an add on to the treatment.


PNF Stretching:

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation is an active assisted stretching technique is helpful in resetting ones neurological brakes to increase range of motion and general mobility.


$10 as an add on to the treatment.




Aromatherapy Enhancement:

Professional grade essential oils are used in conjunctions with Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage.   Aromatherapy acts on the central nervous system relieving anxiety and depression, reducing stress, relaxing, uplifting, sedating or stimulations, and aiding the restoration of both physical and emotional wellbeing.


$10 as an add on to the treatment.

Hand and Foot Indulgence
An aromatic exfoliation treatment, followed by a massage.  Our aromatic salt is infused with Sage, Ylang Ylang and Lavender Essential oils. Choose either a regular foot massage or foot reflexology.  45 minutes long.

** may be purchased in 15 minute increments **

      15 min.      $30
      30 min.      $55
      45 min.      $75

Chair Massage - call for pricing

On site chair massage to help your employees to manage discomfort or pain caused by repetitive motion such as carpal tunnel problems, reduce tension of back and neck caused by prolonged sitting or bad posture, or simply to provide stress relief.   It is a great way to provide incentive to employees, as well as a revitalizing break during hectic workdays.